The eclipse

The reader will find three pictures on page 156 illustrating the eclipse which excited so great interest in the scientific world and which has added so little to our previous knowledge of the phenomenon. The first cut represents the eclipse as seen from Xeres by the American expedition. The other


The eclipse at Gibraltar.

  Men of science hoped at the Eclipse of 1870 to determine the nature of the corona, including beams and streamers; but the clearest possible sky was indispensable for the roper use of so delicate an instrument as the polariscope, and this condition was not accorded at Gibraltar even for


The eclipse of December, 22nd, 1870

The eclipse of December, 22nd, 1870. By Professor Roscoe, F.R.S. It is satisfactory to know that in spite of the worst Possible weather, as well as of misfortunes and losses of Various kinds which fell to the lot of the English and American savants who went to Africa, Spain, and


The Eclipse of the sun.

The accounts of some of the astronomical observers, on the 22nd ult., at Gibraltar, Cadiz, Seville, and Oran, on the African coast, where the eclipse was total, were briefly noticed in our last. We are indebted to Captain T. R. Lethbridge, commanding H.M.S. Trafalgar, and to Mr. Eaton Wallace Petley,

Naftel 1870 eclipse painting - Le Conte

The eclipse expedition.

From the accounts received from the astronomers who went abroad to see the eclipse of Dec. 22 it appears that the different parties of observers were not very fortunate. From the Moorish Castle at Gibraltar nothing was seen of the eclipse when total. At Estepona Mr. Buckingham reports there was


The solar eclipse of the 22nd December, 1870

___________ The line of totality stretches from the North Atlantic across the south of Spain, passing over Cadiz, then over Algeria, thence over Syracuse, in Sicily, into Turkey, Greece, etc. The duration of the eclipse will not vary much from two minutes at any place, too short to make the


eclipse de sol de 22 de deciembre de 1870

Observaciones hechas en el Observatorio de Marina de San Fernando y en una estacion inmediata á Sanlúcar de Barrameda. En Enero de 187o dispuso el Almirantazgo que se construyesen los aparatos de que carecia este Observatorio y eran necesarios para la observacion completa del eclipse de sol de 22 de


He sat pondering on Eclipses

It was far into the night of the Shortest Day of the disturbed, disastrous, and dismal year, 1870. But Mr. Punch, the Philosopher, was not meditating on disturbance, disaster, or dismalness. He sat pondering on Eclipses, with the assistance of Mr. Norman Lockyer’s Elementary Lesson-book, and he had nearly persuaded


Eclipse totale solaire de jeudi dernier

ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES Séance du 26 décembre 1870. Eclipse totale solaire de jeudi dernier. — Hélas ! M. Delaunay communique une triste nouvelle : M. Janssen a pu franchir les ligues, hostiles; l’aérostat leVolta, qui le portait bien haut dans les airs, l’a tenu à l’abri des balles; il a


The eclipse of the Sun

THE ECLIPSE OF THE SUN. The eclipse of the sun, which took place on Thursday, was witnessed under the most favourable circumstances in Wrexham, and indeed in all parts of the country. At the time when the eclipse commenced, about eleven o’clock, the sky was perfectly free from cloud, but