Analyses spectrales et observations des protubérances solaires

Le P. Secchi a publié, en 1868, dans les Actes de la Société italienne des Quarante, deux mémoires importants, accompagnés de planches, sur les spectres prismatiques des étoiles fixes. Divers observateurs se sont occupés aussi des lignes spectrales qu’on peut distinguer dans les aurores boréales. On doit citer encore les


Éclipse de Soleil de 1870

L’éclipse de soleil du 22 décembre 1870 a pu être observée en bonne partie à Greenwich, et la réduction des observations a prouvé que les erreurs des tables de la lune de Hansen étaient petites, et sensiblement les mêmes près de la conjonction que dans les autres parties de l’orbite


Mr. Lockyer on the Eclipse

Mr. Lockyer, the English astronomer, in speaking of the eclipse, says: Cloud in Sicily, cloud in Spain, cloud in Africa. Such, at first sight, might seem to be the only result of all the observations made on the eclipsed sun of 1870; such the reception given by Nature to those


The eclipse

The reader will find three pictures on page 156 illustrating the eclipse which excited so great interest in the scientific world and which has added so little to our previous knowledge of the phenomenon. The first cut represents the eclipse as seen from Xeres by the American expedition. The other


The eclipse at Gibraltar.

  Men of science hoped at the Eclipse of 1870 to determine the nature of the corona, including beams and streamers; but the clearest possible sky was indispensable for the roper use of so delicate an instrument as the polariscope, and this condition was not accorded at Gibraltar even for


The eclipse of December, 22nd, 1870

The eclipse of December, 22nd, 1870. By Professor Roscoe, F.R.S. It is satisfactory to know that in spite of the worst Possible weather, as well as of misfortunes and losses of Various kinds which fell to the lot of the English and American savants who went to Africa, Spain, and


The Eclipse of the sun.

The accounts of some of the astronomical observers, on the 22nd ult., at Gibraltar, Cadiz, Seville, and Oran, on the African coast, where the eclipse was total, were briefly noticed in our last. We are indebted to Captain T. R. Lethbridge, commanding H.M.S. Trafalgar, and to Mr. Eaton Wallace Petley,


The eclipse expedition

THE ECLIPSE EXPEDITION ______ Which has cost us close upon £ 20,000, without reckoning the cost of getting the Pysche off the rock upon which the astronomers stranded her, has been a failure, or next to it. The reports which have come to hand so far are singularly disappointing, and


L’eclisse del 22 dicembre.

L’eclisse del 22 dicembre. — — Il fenomeno dell’eclisse fu benissimo osservato dagli astronomi che si recarono Terranova: il cielo colà era limpido, all’istante in cui l’eclisse fu totale, ma le nubi apparvero prima e dopo. Da noi invece il cielo non volle rasserenarsi né per far piacere agli astronomi,


L’ecclissi totale del Sole in Sicilia nel dicembre del 1870

L’ECCLISSI TOTALE DEL SOLE IN SICILIA NEL DICEMBRE DEL 1870 __________ Seduta dell’Accademia di Scienze e Lettere di Palermo   Il Presidente apre la seduta dicendo: Malgrado l’ampiezza della sala destinata alle sedute ordinarie della nostra Accademia pure l’affluenza del pubblico per ascoltare il discorso annunziato dell’illustre astronomo P. Angelo