Eclipse totale solaire de jeudi dernier

ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES Séance du 26 décembre 1870. Eclipse totale solaire de jeudi dernier. — Hélas ! M. Delaunay communique une triste nouvelle : M. Janssen a pu franchir les ligues, hostiles; l’aérostat leVolta, qui le portait bien haut dans les airs, l’a tenu à l’abri des balles; il a

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El eclipse de Sol del 22 de diciembre de 1870

Del Diario de Cádiz tomamos el siguiente curioso artículo sobre EL ECLIPSE DE SOL DEL 22 DE DICIEMBRE DE 1870. _____ Al proponernos reunir en una reseña sin pretensiones de ningún género, y humilde como nuestro pobre saber, el conjunto de las cortas observaciones á las cuales nos hemos dedicado

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El eclipse total de Sol

EL ECLIPSE TOTAL DE SOL DEL 22 DE DICIEMBRE DE 1870. La importancia de este eclipse y la natural ansiedad de nuestros lectores por saber algo referente al fenómeno, nos obligan trazar estas líneas. Es de una trascendencia tal este eclipse; son tantos los problemas que viene á resolver, que

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Trieste 1869

Die österreichische Expedition zur Beobachtung der Sonnenfinsterniß

(Die österreichische Expedition zur Beobachtung der Sonnenfinsternis.) Man schreibt uns aus Pola, 20. d.: zu unserer Beruhigung brachten die heutigen Wiener Blätter eise indirecte Berichtigung der Allarmnachricht, der Kriegsdampfer „Triest“ sei gestrandet. Es ist demnach nicht der österreichische Dampfer „Triest“, sondern der englische „Psyche“, der ebenfalls eine Expedition von Gelehrten beherbergte,

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Alcune fasi dell'eclisse di Sole del 1870 fotografate da Angelo Secchi ad Augusta

L’ecclissi solare del 22 dicembre 1870

VARIETÀ L’ecclissi solare del 22 dicembre 1870 Abbiamo dall’illustre prof. Donati la seguente lettera: Augusta di Sicilia, il dì 24 dicembre 1870. La nottata dal 21 al 22 fu qui ad Augusta veramente perversa. Vi fu uno sviluppo di elettricità, pioggia ed un vento di sud cosi impetuoso che fu

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The eclipse of the Sun

THE ECLIPSE OF THE SUN. The eclipse of the sun, which took place on Thursday, was witnessed under the most favourable circumstances in Wrexham, and indeed in all parts of the country. At the time when the eclipse commenced, about eleven o’clock, the sky was perfectly free from cloud, but

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The loss of the Psyche

The shock of alarm with which the English public heard on the 17th inst. of the wreck of her Majesty’s Ship Psyche, bearing with it that part of the Eclipse Expedition of which Mr. Lockyer has charge, was scarcely neutralised by the almost simultaneous knowledge that all hands have been

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General Intelligence

The eclipse in London. Contrary to all probability, considering the season of the year and the weather, an excellent opportunity has been afforded to Londoners of seeing the eclipse. A snowstorm prevailed for some hours, but about the time the eclipse began it ceased, and the sky became tolerably clear.

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Thursday’s eclipse of the Sun

THURSDAY’S ECLIPSE OF THE SUN. ______ The sky being beautifully clear, the eclipse was perfectly seen in all parts of the country. In Some parts of the country a snow storm prevailed, but about the time of the eclipse it cleared off. In South Wales the sky was also clear,

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The Eclipse expedition

Mr Locker, in charge of the Eclipse expedition to Sicily, telegraphing on Tuesday, said in conseguence of an accident to the Psyche, Catania is to be the head-quarters. The Italian authorities afford every assistance. Observatories are to be set up in the garden of the Benedictine Monastery. A strong party,

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