The eclipse expedition

THE ECLIPSE EXPEDITION ______ Which has cost us close upon £ 20,000, without reckoning the cost of getting the Pysche off the rock upon which the astronomers stranded her, has been a failure, or next to it. The reports which have come to hand so far are singularly disappointing, and

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L’eclisse del 22 dicembre.

L’eclisse del 22 dicembre. — — Il fenomeno dell’eclisse fu benissimo osservato dagli astronomi che si recarono Terranova: il cielo colà era limpido, all’istante in cui l’eclisse fu totale, ma le nubi apparvero prima e dopo. Da noi invece il cielo non volle rasserenarsi né per far piacere agli astronomi,

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Naftel 1870 eclipse painting - Le Conte

The eclipse expedition.

From the accounts received from the astronomers who went abroad to see the eclipse of Dec. 22 it appears that the different parties of observers were not very fortunate. From the Moorish Castle at Gibraltar nothing was seen of the eclipse when total. At Estepona Mr. Buckingham reports there was

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Solar eclipse observers, 1870. Astronomers using telescopes to observe the total solar eclipse from Syracuse, Sicily, on 22nd December 1870.

The lesson of the eclipse

THE LESSONS OF THE ECLIPSE. we are now beginning to receive the reports, with a little more detail than the telegraph could give, of the various expeditions sent out, with assistance from the English Govenment, to observe the Eclipse of 1870. If we may trust the accounts which reach us

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The late eclipse

The following extract from a letter of a gentleman residing in Malaga constitutes a small contribution to the history of the late eclipse:- “Malaga, Fonda de la Alameda, December 25, 1870. “All this time I am not saying a word about the eclipse which was quite the most awful and

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The solar eclipse of the 22nd December, 1870

___________ The line of totality stretches from the North Atlantic across the south of Spain, passing over Cadiz, then over Algeria, thence over Syracuse, in Sicily, into Turkey, Greece, etc. The duration of the eclipse will not vary much from two minutes at any place, too short to make the

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eclipse de sol de 22 de deciembre de 1870

Observaciones hechas en el Observatorio de Marina de San Fernando y en una estacion inmediata á Sanlúcar de Barrameda. En Enero de 187o dispuso el Almirantazgo que se construyesen los aparatos de que carecia este Observatorio y eran necesarios para la observacion completa del eclipse de sol de 22 de

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Die Totale Sonnenfinsterniß am 22 December 1870

An der von Lord Lindsay zur Beobachtung dieser Sonnenfinsternis; organisirten Expedition nahmen Theil: Lieut. Alex. B. Brown. C. Beder. Henry Davis und 3 Assistenten. Am 4. Dezember kam man in Cadix an, als Station war gewählt: Maria Louisa. zwischen Puerta St. Maria und San Lucar in einem Weingarten des englischen

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He sat pondering on Eclipses

It was far into the night of the Shortest Day of the disturbed, disastrous, and dismal year, 1870. But Mr. Punch, the Philosopher, was not meditating on disturbance, disaster, or dismalness. He sat pondering on Eclipses, with the assistance of Mr. Norman Lockyer’s Elementary Lesson-book, and he had nearly persuaded

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Die Sonnenfinsterniß vom 22. December

[Die Sonnenfinsterniß vom 22. December.] Man schreibt uns aus Florenz, 27. December: Das italienische Amtsblatt veröffentlich über die ersten Ergebnisse der von der italienischen Astronomen auf Sicilien angestellten Beobachtungen der Sonnenfinsterniß vom. 22. d. M. drei Bulletins: Das erste datirt aus Auguste und besagt, es feien trotz Sturm und Schneegestöber

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