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TACCHINI, PIETRO (1838-1905)

“Macchie solari” (sunspots)
Bullettino meteorologico del Reale Osservatorio di Palermo vol. I, 1865. 134 p., [4] plates, 350 mm Mimeographed handwritten manuscript

INAF-Palermo Astronomical Observatory, Historical Library

Although Bullettino was devoted to diffusing the meorological data collected at the observatory, its editor, the director Gaetano Cacciatore, decided to include in the magazine also those articles being of major importance in the actuality of science, and which can contribute to its amelioration and development (Cacciatore 1871, p. 1). The first solar studies made by Pietro Tacchini with the Merz telescope were thus published in Bullettino.
However, starting from 1872, this type of articles was no lo longer included, because in the same year the journal Memorie degli Spettroscopisti Italiani (see Pd. 04) the official publication of the Society (see Sec. 5), was started, being purposedly made to issue works on solar spectroscopy (Cacciatore 1872, p. 1).
This volume shows the reproduction of Tacchini’s first hand drawings of solar spots, which he made in 1865 soon after the installation of the Merz telescope. [i.c., d.r.]

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