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The “STARLIGHT” exhibition
illustrates how the early
spectroscopic analysis
of starlight made by Italian
astronomers in the 19th century
significantly contributed
to the birth of astrophysics.
Although almost unknown
to the wide public,
in the second half of that century
many Italian astronomers
stood among the pioneers
of this research field:
Angelo Secchi and Lorenzo Respighi
in Rome,


Pietro Tacchini in Palermo,
Giuseppe Lorenzoni in Padua,
Giovan Battista Donati and
later Antonio and Giorgio Abetti
in Florence.
These scientists obtained important
results leading to an early spectral
classification of stars,
the invention of instruments
and methods to study star light,
the development of solar physics,
the establishment of the first
astrophysical society,
the erection of the first
solar tower in Italy and so on.


The five sections of the exhibition,
held in the sites where these
astronomers lived and worked,
aim to illustrate the leading
role played by Italy
in the development of astrophysics,
through the display of part
of the scientific heritage
belonging to INAF,
the National Institute for Astrophysics
which today embodies all the Italian
astronomical Observatories:
this heritage is made of instruments,
books and archival documents,
many of which are being publicly
displayed for the first time.

Scientific Committee
Ileana Chinnici (President),
Aldo Altamore, Simone Bianchi, 
Marco Faccini, Daniele Galli, 
Mauro Gargano, Antonella Gasperini, 
Emilia Olostro Cirella, 
Francesco Poppi, 
Donatella Randazzo, 
Simone Zaggia, Valeria Zanini



16 Jun, 2016
  • 20:30
    Stelle di Re
04 Jun, 2016


theathral show by Filippo Tognazzo

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