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The loss of the Psyche

WreckofPsycheThe shock of alarm with which the English public heard on the 17th inst. of the wreck of her Majesty’s Ship Psyche, bearing with it that part of the Eclipse Expedition of which Mr. Lockyer has charge, was scarcely neutralised by the almost simultaneous knowledge that all hands have been saved. The thought of what might have been, remained at once to temper and enhance the satisfaction which the sense of an escaped calamity awakens. Science is so genuinely neutral, that we are apt to think that the elements, if they cannot behave towards it as cordial allies, should at least practise a benevolent neutrality. The astronomers, we are glad to learn, saved their instruments of obstipation. We trust that neither the human faculties of perception, nor their artificial aids, have suffered in the wreck, and that no delay will occur which will prevent the Expedition reaching in good time a convenient post for their mission. In the meantime, how was it that the wreck happened? The Psyche, it is said was running by chart. Are our parts so constructed as to place ships on sunken rocks in some of the best known waters of Europe? We are glad to learn that there is a chance of saving the vessel, if, indeed, the Royal Oak, and the ship which is expected to bring assistance from Malta, do not also strike upon sunken rocks, while running by chart.

The Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian Glamorgan Monmouth and Brecon Gazette, 1870

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