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The Eclipse expedition

Lord Lindsay left on the 25th for Cadiz by the steamer London, taking with him a large quantity of apparatus and a house for its use. Amongst these instruments are two of a very superior character, manufactured by our most eminent optician, Mr. Browning, which deserves special mention, namely, a very fine telescope, with a 12 ½ -inch reflector, equatorially mounted, and driven by clock-work, and a set of photographic apparatus, devised specially for the coming operations, and which may be described as being on a breech-leading principle. The arrangement is such that one assistant can prepare plates, fit them in the frames, and feed them in at the lower end of the slide. In this way it is hoped that six or seven pictures will be obtained during the totality, although that lasts Only two minutes seven seconds. If the first four or five pictures are successful the last plate or two will be given a lengthened exposure with the view of obtaining an image of the corona – a result which would be exceedingly interesting and instructive. Lord Lindsay is accompanied by Dr. Brown, R.A., who takes with him a six-inch refractor telescope, with one of Mr Browning’s star-spectroscopes attached to it for the purpose of making observations on the spectrum of the corona. Lord Lindsay also takes with liim a professional photographer, and one of Mr. Browning’s best Workmen to superintend the erection of the instruments and apparatus, so that this party is provided with everything for acquiring the most important and perfect details if the weather and circumstances of the event permit of a favourable performance. Our very eminent astronometer, Mr. Huggins, F.R.S., whose spectroscopic labours upon the sun and the stars have, from their care and accuracy, been of such exceeding value, will go to Oran, and will take with him an excellent Browning’s automatic spectroscope, lent to him by Mr. Spottiswoode, F.R.S. and which has been fitted to a six-inch telescope. Captain Noble, Admiral Ommaney, Mr. Griffiths, and Mr. Lassell will join this party.

The Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian Glamorgan Monmouth and Brecon Gazette, 1870

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