21 March – 21 June 2016 in Florence, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Padua

The Eclipse expedition

Mr Locker, in charge of the Eclipse expedition to Sicily, telegraphing on Tuesday, said in conseguence of an accident to the Psyche, Catania is to be the head-quarters. The Italian authorities afford every assistance. Observatories are to be set up in the garden of the Benedictine Monastery. A strong party, under Professor Roscoe, are going up Etna, The weather is magnificent. All the instruments were saved uninjured. The preparations are complete. The whole expedition is loud in of the noble behaviour of Commander Feldlowes. The Admiral is here from Malta, and the ship may be saved if the weather holds good. The party will probably leave Sicily in an iron-clad on the 28th.

The Western Mail, 1870

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