21 March – 21 June 2016 in Florence, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Padua

General Intelligence

The eclipse in London.

Contrary to all probability, considering the season of the year and the weather, an excellent opportunity has been afforded to Londoners of seeing the eclipse. A snowstorm prevailed for some hours, but about the time the eclipse began it ceased, and the sky became tolerably clear. A thin veil of light clouds passing rapidly before the sun served for smoked glass, and enabled the observer to watch the progress of the obscuration with the naked eye. The sun was perfectly visible at the time the largest portion of its disc was hidden, and presented the appearance of a brilliant crescent, with the horns turned to the earth. The diminution of light was not, however, remarkable. In fact, so small was it that persons who did not look at the sky would hardly have imagined that something like four-fifths of the sun’s face was hidden. The eclipse was clearly seen at Wick. At Edinburgh it was seen only at intervals.

The Scientific expedition.

Mr. Locker, in charge of the eclipse expedition, telegraphing on Tuesday, says In consequence of an accident, Catania is to be the headquarters. The weather is magnificent, and the instruments were saved uninjured.

The Cardiff Times, 1870

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