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Accident to the eclipse expedition


The following telegram has reached London from Mr. Lockyer, who is in charge of the English Eclipse Expedition, bound for Sicily:-

“CATANIA, DEc, 15, 3 P.M.

The Psyche, with the Eclipse Expedition on board, has struck on a sunken rock near Catania.
“All hands have been saved, and also the scientific instruments.
“The captain, who has behaved most nobly, is still on board, and, with a view to save the ship, has telegraphed to Malta for assistance.
“The eclipse will be visible on Thursday.”

The following telegrams have been received at the Admiralty:-


The Psyche, from Naples, struck on a sunken rock, six miles north of Catania, Sicily. Crew saved. The Royal Oak and the Caledonia were despatched to her assistance.


The Psyche has struck, while running by chart, on a sunken rock, near Catania. All saved. Instruments sent into Catania. Commander Fellowes has acted nobly, and hopes to save the ship, if assistance comes at once from Malta, where he has telegraphed. The Royal Oak is also sent for.

N B. – The Psyche had gone from Malta to Naples to receive the astronomers who are proceeding to Sicily for the purpose of observing the eclipse of the sun.

The instruments alluded to are those sent out for their use.

The Western Mail, 1870

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